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Bossman Bites: Jennys Burgers (Elephant and Castle)

In a world where food reviews are just snobby white men in posh gentrified restaurants follow me as I go back to basics visiting takeaways and chicken shops all over London to see the very best the city has to offer. Reviewing places, you’ll actually go this is bossman bites.

This week’s bossman bite is Jenny’s Burgers in the Elephant and Castle shopping centre. With a retro look and a retro bossman to go with it Jenny’s has been serving shoppers at the E&C for years. With quick service and friendly staff its clear to see why hungry customers keep coming through the door.

The look

As already mentioned Jenny’s has a retro look remaining unchanged since it first opened, the cream white walls and the bright green chairs are a through back to the 1980s, the mirrors that run down either wall are to say the least tacky but they somehow work to make the place look great.


The Menu

Not only does Jenny’s have an menu covering breakfast lunch and dinner it also has a range of desserts to make sure you don’t leave hungry but the menu itself is grand again a another relic from days gone by, the menu is beautiful filled with large fonts and pastel colours. A few more menu items wouldn’t go amiss but overall there’s a good selection


The Bossman

with only two staff and one of those cooking everything it can’t be easy to be taking orders, making drinks and serving plates but the bossman Jenny’s makes it look easy, quick efficient service with a smile gives this guy top marks.


The Bite

up to this point this has been a relatively positive review, as much as i enjoyed my experience at Jenny’s the food was a let-down, the chips where soggy and greasy my mates chicken burger wasn’t anything impressive and my veggie burger was if anything under cooked the only redeeming point was the drinks. we both went for milkshakes which Jenny’s does very well thick creamy shakes full of flavour where my favourite part of this meal.


The price

Unfortunately the review gets no better here my burger chips and milkshake had come to around £7 which i felt was far to expensive for fast food in general especially at this quality.


overall rating

Overall for a quick meal while going around the E&C Jenny’s serves it purpose; the food isn’t the best and it’s a little expensive but if you like a retro feel and a friendly bossman you’ll be more than happy.

Overall rating 3.5/5