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Bossman bites – Morley’s east street


In a world where food reviews are just snobby white men in posh gentrified restaurants follow me as I go back to basics visiting takeaways and chicken shops all over London to see the very best the city has to offer. Reviewing places, you’ll actually go, this is bossman bites.

The north to south rivalry in London is always a hot topic weather it’s the postcode wars of the early noughties or beef on twitter it’s always a fierce argument, the south does have one thing up its sleeve though… Morley’s. Forget your KFC and your Chicken Cottage, for the best fried chicken head to this South London chain for a mouth-watering time. This week it’s the east street branch.

The Look

All Morley’s look the same, a retro looking red storefront with prominent white writing and a clean looking inside, the staff also wear red and the meus and various advertising on walls, windows and counters continues the retro theme.


The bossman

The staff in here are always quick, polite and friendly, service with a smile and a side order of charm what more could you ask.


The menu  

A classic chicken shop menu with plenty of meal deals, a wide selection of chicken, and a greatly stocked drinks fridge, with a healthy handful of sides you’re not going to be going hungry in a Morley’s anytime soon, and with the addition of slushies these guys are smashing it. East street Morley’s does slightly differ from other branches as the beans and coleslaw are ladled the wrong way around but despite this its top marks on the menu.


The Bite 

As always, I chose a vegie option while my companion went for a chicken burger with some wings on the side. The veggie burger was grand fried for five minutes and piping hot and placed in a bun with cheese, mayo and ketchup bossman did a great job here. And as for the chicken, well its Morley’s need I say more? cooked to perfection every time the quality of chicken here is far better than any of your mainstream chicken chains. Both meals came with chips which were also cooked well and with a large selection of condiments available these went down a treat. And as for the drinks a can of ginger beer a KA fruit punch      and a slushy for after were the perfect addition to this meal  




The Price

With a meal available for 3 to 5 pounds and sides priced at about a pound each the prices are more than reasonable, and you’ll never leave hungry.


Overall rating

Overall East Street Morley’s provides great food at great prices and should always be your first choice for fried chicken.