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Southwark Spine: a new cycle route linking Peckham and East Dulwich

News in brief

A new cycle route has been proposed as part of the 'Southwark Spine' project. The route is a north-south walking and cycling route between East Dulwich and Peckham Road. The route is not just for experienced cyclists but for anyone who wants to use quieter, lower-traffic routes, providing an environment for those cyclists

Exploring and developing the potential of long form storytelling with Russell Boyce

“If no one actually pays for it, how do we continue to create it?”  In a world where smartphones, social-media and citizen-journalism is on the rise, photojournalists are working tirelessly to keep sophisticated, long form story-telling alive. In a recent presentation at London South Bank University, Russell Boyce highlighted these challenges,

Natural History Museum: Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, review

The world’s best nature photography. This years competition marks 53 years of the world’s best nature photography — 100 images recording the beauty and drama of the natural world, from tiny insects to massive mammals.  The jury’s selection seemed to be a call for action, “a plea to band together and cease