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Thursday week 4 live show – social media editor

In preparation for Thursday’s live show I familiarised myself with the social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and also Hootsuite, the application for scheduling posts, to ensure a continuous stream of content could be sent out on each one.

On Monday I was extremely ill and therefore unable to attend class so I contacted everyone in class to update me on their VT stories and whatever information/interviews they planned ahead of the show. On Tuesday, whilst filming with my own VT group, I started building a bank of behind-the-scenes footage from other groups, such as:

VT group filming ahead of Thursday’s live show

I posted this photo on Instagram and captioned it: “Our reporters busy filming ahead of Thursday’s live show… stay tuned! #journalism #London” 

I made sure to include hashtags and tag the location. The photo got 26 likes which, after analysing the content on our page so far, is actually great. 

By Wednesday most people had gotten back to me about their VT stories and a couple of people sent me some behind-the-scenes content from when they were out filming, one being:

I decided to post the image at 9 pm as I knew that was a time most people would be home and settled, most likely on their social media accounts winding down for the day. This post got two likes and someone even replied to it. I made sure to include relevant hashtags.


As soon as I arrived on Thursday morning I set out a plan for the day and began to take behind-the-scenes photos and gather information on the stories that were going to be running that day. At the brief I shared this photo on Instagram:

I captioned it: “Team hard at work this morning preparing for our live show at 3:00 PM! #london #liveshow #journalism

I also posted this on Twitter:

At around 12:30 I began to sneak previous some of the stories we planned to run to get people interested:

I decided to try something different by including a video of the Screen Time feature from Youtube but it wasn’t very well received so I’ll probably re-consider that next time. I also made sure to include relevant hashtags. 

At around 1:30 I posted on our Facebook page:

I realised Facebook was the social media channel where we got the greatest response overall. A lot more people liked our posts and interacted. 

By 2:30 I wanted to include another sneak preview of one of the stories we were going to run and also another behind-the-scenes. On Instagram I got a picture of the presenters on the sofa rehearsing for Instagram:

And on Twitter:

Which also didn’t get much reception. By this point I realised that the behind-the-scenes photos I was posting was getting a lot more reception than the sneak preview news stories. I’m thinking maybe for next week and the radio show the day after I would need to do something a little more interesting and out there to catch the attention of the audience. 

With 15 minutes left to the live show I put countdowns on each channel along with the link to the show. I also put a video on Twitter to change it up:

I then spent some time scheduling posts for the weekend.