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The radical Christian activists driving London’s climate protests

Activist on roof of lorry

Christian Climate Action group bring London to a standstill On April 15, Christian rebels drove a lorry to Marble Arch, an operation that shut down London’s major junction for nine consecutive days. The vehicle stopped in the middle of the road and activists quickly chained themselves to the underside to prevent

Thursday week 10 live show – news editor

This week was a particularly challenging week as the live show followed a particular theme. It was centred around a Journalism Futures theme. In the morning briefing I suggested topics for each group along with suggestions on how they could execute the piece. I also made sure to inform those

Thursday week 9 live show – news editor

For my first week as news editor I made sure to press on many of the issues or areas that could be improved from previous weeks. I made sure to attend Monday's meeting with a number of story ideas I thought would be relevant to our audience and show incase

Friday week 8 live show – social media editor

This day I once again took on the role of social media editor when I was supposed to be the assistant as Izzy didn't come to class again. However I was given a different job than usual which is to create a social media piece for the live show where

Thursday week 8 live show – VFX production*

Students will be required to submit a critical explication of a video or radio show (up to 1,000 words). This is your chance to reflect on the show and the quality of the content. Consider the show’s news values, style, aims and different broadcast platforms. You will need to choose

Friday week 7 live show – social media editor

This week I was supposed to be social media assistant but the actual editor Izzy wasn't in class so I took on her role instead. She hadn't been posting throughout reading week or ahead of the live show so we had lost two followers and our reach and engagements had

Thursday week 7 live show – VFX production

My first responsibility today was to ensure all VT packages and other media were moved from Dropbox into the broadcasting system with the same running order name in Inception. This was fairly simple except loads of VT groups did not have their VT's ready in time and the ones that

Friday week 5 live show – social media editor

Today was fairly smooth considering I had gotten into a routine in terms of social media planning and scheduling. When I got in I planned the posts I wanted to share on each of the platforms and started to take photos of the briefing, behind the scenes in the studio

Thursday week 5 live show – social media editor

Throughout the week I analysed the analytics and content on our social media pages and found that the posts that got the most engagement was the behind the scene pictures of our team in the studio preparing for the show. Our best tweet was the Pret allergy scandal sneak preview

Friday week 4 live show – social media editor

When I first arrived at the newsroom Friday morning I checked the social media channels for any notifications that needed attending and to analyse the analytics from the day before. In the previous 7 days our page views had gone up 1,250%, got 18 page likes, and reached 182 people.