One Two Three Swing! Or don’t.

Tate Modern exhibition

Everyone loves swings, right?

The guys at Hyundai certainly think so. If you’re no stranger to the Tate Modern, you may have noticed the orange swings which weave through the entirety of the Turbine Hall followed by a huge ball that swings right above your head as you pass along the colourful carpet that truly transforms the the gloomy grey Tate Modern building into something from the fantasy of an artist.

And of course it is none other than the artists’ collective SUPERFLEX, which was founded in 1993, that is behind this weird and wonderful exhibition.

The Hyundai Motor company has taken it upon themselves,for the third year in a row, to invite artists from around the world to create art specifically for the Turbine Hall which the general public can enjoy.

The “One Two Three Swing!” exhibition is aimed at bringing people together. The swings have three seats, which means the combined power of three people is required to move these big and intricate swings high into the sky (or ceiling in this case). 

Whilst visiting the Tate Modern I saw complete strangers invite each other on to the swings and some people, particularly kids, ended up making friends. It was beautiful.

The One Two Three Swing! exhibition runs from the 3rd October 2017 until 2nd April 2018, so make sure you go visit it before it’s gone!

The exhibition can be found at:

Turbine Hall

London SE1 9TG