Police make a further 14 arrests as Extinction Rebellion return to the streets

Photo: @ExtinctionR - Twitter

The Metropolitan Police reported that they had arrested 14 protestors on suspicion of causing criminal damage after an activist reportedly superglued herself to the gates of Buckingham Palace.

The environmental action group ‘Extinction Rebellion’, responsible for the blocking of five London Bridges last week, also dug up grass on Parliament Square and attempted to bury a coffin in the green. According to the organisations Twitter account, they ‘held a memorial on Parliament Square to mark the loss of life our planet is experiencing’.

New Scotland Yard also said a demonstrator was arrested causing damage to the Women of World War II memorial on Whitehall.

Extinction Rebellion claim there were over 2,000 demonstrators in attendance on Saturday, much fewer than their protests last weekend.

The coffin, marked with the words ‘our future’, was marched past the palace and Downing Street before ‘come[ing] full circle’ and arriving at the square.

One of those arrested wrote afterwards on Twitter – “I said I would go to jail for this planet – I have and will again.’ She went on to blame ‘criminally negligent governments’ for climate change.