People lost hundreds of euros in their monthly wages due to Covid-19 restrictions

Several job sectors experienced a loss in income during the coronavirus crisis in the second quarter of 2020 in Slovakia.

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic reported average monthly wages in various branches per one person. According to them, ´Arts, entertainment and recreation´ were hit by a 12% decrease, from 901€ in the first quarter of 2020 to 792€ in the second quarter. 

Artists were limited in their performance opportunities.

´Electricity, gas, steam, and supply´ workers´ wages dropped by more than 200€ from 2070€ to 1864€. They remain one of the best-paid branches in the Slovak economy.

Workers in ´Accommodation and food service activities´ have the lowest income. They experienced a 9% decrease in the second quarter and earned 550€ on average, which was the lowest figure since the first quarter of 2018. During the same time last year, it was 657€, 16,3% more.

Food services were affected by the pandemic.

The figures resulted from the coronavirus restrictions that were put in place in March. People were limited in their work as they had to follow the Government´s rules.

Overall, the average monthly wages in Slovakia did not drop between the first and second quarters. It increased only by two euros from 1086€ to 1088€.

After summer with loosened restrictions, there have been new ones put in place on the 15th of October. Pools, aquaparks, wellness, gyms, cinemas, and theatres are closed. Restaurants can be open only on the exterior or food can be delivered to customers.

Some sectors did not experience a decrease between the first two quarters of 2020. ´Public administration, defense, and compulsory social security´ experienced growth in their workers´ salaries. From 1525€ in the first quarter to 1608€ in the second. 83€ increase was rare compared to other branches of the nation´s economy.

The highest-paid sector in Slovakia during the second quarter of 2020 was ´Financial and insurance activities´. They were the only sector with more than 2000€ average monthly wage, standing at 2054€ per worker. It was still 31€ less than in the first quarter.