In the text below is a script for audio recording.

I rewrote the script from the recording called ´Sprouts´. Since I am not a native English speaker, I struggled with understanding several times.

The audio can be found here: in time 00:52-3:17.

I tried to mark usage of background voices and I noted the time of interviewee speeches in seconds.




Male (unknown)


Grace – saloon worker

Virologist Naomi Forest Dasoto



Music plays in the background all the time with different volume

P: Let´s get into mood. We are in the car, it is snowing/raining, the traffic´s terrible, the radio´s on and there is only one song because…

Play Driving Home for Christmas, background from the car

P:…Howdy Chris, no one should be doing that, not get anyway, even if you are desperate to see your family, so let´s park up…

Parking, car sounds in

P:…and hear from Grace Nearrotchdale(?not sure about spelling)

(17 secs) Grace: “Christmas in our family is always about the family. So it´s always chaos, there will be about 13 of us round the Christmas. (didn´t say it will help?) Lot´s of children, we´ve usually got an auntie over, a cuisine (cousin?) as well. If we can´t do it, then what is the point?

P: We last spoke to Grace back in July, when she was getting ready to reopen her salon.

Background music crescendoes

(5 secs) Grace: “Soon as it kicked in…

P: …Four months on…

(23 secs) Grace: “We just kind of hit a (?). People aren´t spending the money the same, they are not coming in and not having the …(?treatments) done. It´s been tough, it´s been uncertain. The balance if decisive, is it worth being rather … with your family. Is it worth keeping the business open during January? I don´t know what answer for that question is.


P: That sums up the horribly difficult balancing act the govt has. Saving lives or saving people´s  livelihoods. Whether it is the big meal or rubbish tally.


P: … sprouts. There is no doubt Christmas throws a massive spanner in the works of the whole… Music playing

(9secs) Virologist Naomi Forest Dasoto: Being indoors, mixing with people without a mask on, talking, laughing, sharing Christmas is a perfect opportunity for the virus to transmit.

P: We all know that really, but it is worth hearing from virologist Naomi Forest Dasoto. It is still too early for anyone to say for sure what will happen at Christmas, but common sense suggests if we are allowed to mingle even for a few days, January could be even more miserable than normal.

(14secs) Naomi: Do we allow all limited mixing and have as huge spike potentially in cases and have a massive lockdown or do we limit the amount of contact that we have a little bit and reduce the amount of cases and therefore limit the amount of lockdown that we have to go to afterwards.

P: It is sounding like the vaccine is on the way, but that won´t help the vulnerable in the next few weeks. But Grace knows what she wants for Christmas.

(10secs) Grace: It is been such a terrible year and I think we all deserve to end it on a high and there shouldn´t be anybody …(?) on Christmas day. It just makes me sad.