NHS could be understaffed 350,000 workers by 2030

This Thursday (15/11/18) a think tank suggested that the NHS could be understaffed by 350,000 by 2030.

Uncertainties of Brexit make it unclear exactly how many NHS staff who came from Europe will be effected.

“If the emerging trend of staff leaving the workforce early continues and the pipeline of newly trained staff and international recruits does not rise sufficiently, this number could be more than 350,000 by 2030,” the think-tanks added.

The kind of effect short staffing has on the NHS will mean that patients will have to wait longer to be seen in the A&E and wait longer to be seen by appointment. This is also likely to worsen the quality of care.


The Guy’s and  St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust annual report shows that last year, the Hospital employed around 16,200 staff of which 14,374 permanently employed. Last year the Hospitals saw 89,000 inpatients, 1.28 million outpatients and 205,000 emergency and urgent care attendances.


In December 2017 The Guardian reported Guy’s and St. Thomas’ trust in London had the highest number of vacancies on 31 March – 1,610, which is 10% of its overall workforce. 


NHS trusts have begun the current financial year, 2017/18. The Kings trust Foundation reported that the NHS provider sector as a whole ended 2017/18 with a deficit of £960 million.