To grasp a better understanding of data and how to accurately use it for my stories i went to the BBC news website to browse articles and pick one to analyse and think about ways it could be enhanced with data.

I found this story “City centres ‘could become ghost towns'” and started to think about how data could further express what is already written in the story.

“City centres are in danger of becoming ghost towns as shopping habits change, a committee of MPs has warned. To combat this, the government should “level the playing field” for High Street retailers by raising taxes on online giants such as Amazon, it said.”

Excerpt from the article, could be improved with profits of high street retailers dropping

How we could improve this article with data…

It would be nice to have been given further insight to see how bad these companies are performing versus how well online retailers are performing. Comparisons can be a great way of representing how high street retailers are performing as a group rather than individuals. What could be done is a heat map inputed in the article to illustrate where in the uk or work businesses feeling the most impact.

To further express the above excerpt of article one could go look into data sets on high street retailer in the UK I did a simple google search and found some data sets at the Consumer Data Centre where i created an account to get download access to hundreds of data sets on High street retailers in the UK. Check it out here https://data.cdrc.ac.uk/product/high-street-retailer-data

The MPs also called for lower business rates and more regeneration in town centres. The government said it was investing to ensure High Streets “adapt and thrive for generations”.

Excerpt from the BBC article

It would be informative to see comparisons showing exactly how much more high street retailers pay in business tax than online retailers. This could be illustrated in a graph showing any dramatic difference.

A fifth of UK retail sales now occur online with that proportion likely to grow, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee said.

Excerpt from the BBC article

If we could take the number that is a fifth and see how it has got there thene maybe through data and graph we could illustrate any possible predictions that could back up what the communities and local government committee said above.