Authenticating online news with FightHoax (beta)

I’ve had the opportunity to use a news analysis algorithm called Fight Hoax. This algorithm collects and analyses all the necessary data that the user needs in order to help him/her to evaluate the content of a news piece.

It is comforting to know there is a team out who invented a platform for authenticating online news sources as it could well make my work easier. since I’ll be be trying out the beta version of Fight hoax this year I thought I’d share my experiences.

FightHoax has potential.

My first thoughts about FightHoax were around it’s potential, and what it could be. I was interested in the way it worked.

I found in interesting to see that the word Syria is being used less that other words in the refugee “crisis”, this make me wonder why.

What wasn’t there yet…

I don’t think the emotion aspect of the platform is accurate yet. Me and some of my team anylsed this one article about the potential shutdown of BMW factories in the oxford area in result of a bad brexit deal. This article was found on twitter and the source was The Mirror publications online site.