Comments: Live Show 12/03/18

This week I was the website editor and had Francisca as my assistant website editor which was great. I found it quite straight forward as I have done this role twice before. It definitely helped that the content teams were a little more on the ball this week and had their VT’s uploaded to Youtube ready to be embedded into each post.

Despite it being part of my role to fine-tune each article, there does seem to be a re-occurring theme each week that the majority of articles coming in need A LOT of work – to the point where it can take up to 45 mins to edit a 300 word piece. This is usually because the quality of the piece is so poor I usually have to research the story again myself to make sure the piece is accurate. It seems most people end up rushing their article on the morning of the live show instead of spending a good amount of time working on it prior to the live news day. 

There were a couple of articles that I couldn’t publish due to them needing a lot of work done to the point of them needed to be sent back – unfortunately they were absent. 

Critical Explication: Live Show 09/11/17


The JLDN live show is 15-minute show aimed at young people in London. It consists of VT packages, news bulletins, a social media segment and is hosted by 2 presenters on the sofa from our studio inside the newsroom. The show airs weekly at 3pm and is streamed across YouTube via Wirecast and is later uploaded to our website.

Each person in the class is given a role (editorial, production, presenting) for the day of the live show. I was assigned News Editor as was responsible for the entire editorial output of the show. I lead the Monday morning editorial meeting where the whole group comes together to share story ideas. I then picked the best stories and delegated each between the VT teams. Between Monday and Thursday, I keep in touch via SLACK with each team to make sure everyone is on track to deliver content on Thursday.

My VT group decided to report on the new NHS app, ‘GP At Hand’ and we went down to St Thomas’ Hospital film. I was responsible for booking out the equipment, researching, scripting, presenting and editing the VT. I think this was one of my strongest VT’s – however I wish we spent more time on location to film better quality GV’s and improve the framing of some of our shots.

On the 9th, I lead another meeting to check that all the packages went to plan. I then decided on a running order and slot in the other segments such as the bulletins. I was grateful to be working with a strong production team, particularly with Leanne as director. I think we corresponded well throughout the day.

Straight after the meeting, I inputed the running order into Ross Inception and then instructed each team to input their studio lead ins also. Myself and Isla went through all the lead ins, checking for accuracy, fairness and style – rewriting any that needed improvement. Once our running order was approved, the script was sent to print.  This process didn’t take long meaning the scripts were printed with plenty of time for rehearsals. Just as we were printing – some political news broke in Westminster and I made the decision for the bulletins editor to cut the leading bulletin and announce the breaking news first.

The live show went well however audio was an issue. At times where a VT was playing – you could hear the presenters whispering. The presenters had good chemistry however at times lacked authenticity when reading the autocue. Another issue in the show was that one VT was exported in the wrong format and therefore the audio sounded robotic. We tried to fix this leading up to the show however it was taking too long to export so we ran the original edit – our presenters apologised for the sound immediately after.

There were also a few house style issues such as one VT having lower thirds in a different font. For the show, I asked Ralitsa to be a sofa reporter and develop a story straight of the back of the bulletins – this worked well however it would have been nice to have a camera zoomed into a mid-shot of her when she was talking instead of having a camera zoomed out with Ralitsa and the presenters in shot the entire time.

Word count: 550



Comments: Week 8 Live Show

VIDEO – Thursday 16th November

I was really glad to be News Editor this week again after stepping in for Laura last week. In terms of our VT, this week I took a step back as for once our whole team was here. As for all the previous live shows, I had organised everything, booked the equipment and presented – I let the rest of the team do that. I did however edit the VT and upload it to dropbox. I was impressed with the content they produced, especially as we had the eSports package and didn’t have a clue about eSports (honestly). It was a shame it wasn’t included in the show. 

The live show on Thursday was strong however there were a few technical issues. Across the board, filming sequences could have been improved in the VT’s and GV’s needed to include more natural sound.


Net Neutrality, Big Data And The Glass Room Reflection

By Alice Heather

The Glass Room from the outside resembles an Apple Store – white washed walls and squeaky clean display tables stocked with state of the art products. However once inside, you’ll realise the gadgets have all been manipulated and there is absolutely nothing for sale.

Despite public outcry, the FCC’s controversial vote to repeal Net Neutrality is scheduled for the 14th December and is expected to be approved. When you go online, you have expectations of accessing whichever website you like. It probably doesn’t even cross your mind that your phone company or internet provider has potential to manipulate your navigation. The Net Neutrality argument in the US is likely to reach the UK in the future and so It’s vital that the public educate themselves on the ins and outs of internet use – this is where The Glass Room steps in.

After huge success in New York City, The Glass Room has been in London for a month, attracting thousands of visitors to explore their digital footprint and learn about the world of Big Data. The exhibition is spread over 3 floors and provides information through art and design in 4 key themes; ‘Something to Hide’ which investigates how our personal data is used, ‘We Know You’ which examines the tech giants and their increasing power, ‘Open The Box’ which visualises what data looks like and ‘Big Mother’ which presents the normalisation of surveillance in our everyday lives.

For many of us from the moment we wake up, we interact with algorithms and cookies and share data with corporations who are using our information to make a huge profit. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have become some of the most powerful companies in the world and have the largest shares of our data. Of course, it just so happens that these companies provide us with services as valuable to us as basic needs. 

Forgot Your Password? By Aram Bartholl

The design pieces in The Glass Room illustrate a playful yet dark look into our relationship with technology, such as the piece, ‘Forgot your password?’ by Aram Bartholl which essentially looks like a stack of  hardback Bible’s which in fact has over 4.6 million leaked LinkedIn passwords inside. Another piece, ‘Mega Pixel’ by Adam Harvey is an interactive facial recognition photo booth which matches your face closely to someone else’s in the world using a huge database of faces captured on specialised CCTV devices installed in cities, airports, sporting arenas and borders. 

One of my favourite projects was the ‘UNFITBIT‘ – a spoof of the popular fitness tracker, Fitbit, by Australian engineer and artist, Tega Brain

The Glass Room
Inside The Glass Room

. The design shows a Fitbit attached to a metronome, tricking the device into recording worthless data. The concept is to illustrate how the data you provide via your Fitbit can display a whole load of information about you and your health to it’s producer. In a Q&A with Tega, she explained, “My work is a conversation-starter, a new way to create new perspectives on how your personal data is hugely valuable to corporations – it’s happening right in front of our eyes.” Tega praised The Glass Room,  “It’s exposing internet surveillance in many forms.” 

Another feature of the The Glass Room is the ‘Data Detox Bar’ – similar to Apple’s ‘Genius Bar’ where ‘Ingenius staff’ provide visitors with 1-1 advice on reducing your data traces and becoming more aware of how your data is used amongst internet giants. 

Roaming around The Glass Room, a team of ‘ingenius’ staff (a play on Apple’s ‘genius’ staff) are on hand and full of facts to provide visitors with 1-1 advice. The plan is to educate the public on how to be more aware of how data is used by big companies to manipulate your internet use for profit. Ironically, the installation has just left the US for it’s stint in the UK however, with the Net Neutrality vote looming across the pond you could argue that the American public need to visit The Glass Room the most.











Comments: Week 7 Live Show


VIDEO – Thursday 9th November

I think this weeks live show was one of our best so far. I thought George and Shola did a really good job of presenting and all of the VTs were strong and interesting in content. Due to the news editor being absent on Mondays editorial meeting, I was assigned the role. I was quite nervous about it as I thought Theo did an amazing job of being News Editor for the two previous weeks. I found Monday’s editorial meeting quite quiet and put it down to everyone having a week off during week 6 however despite this, we managed to come up with good ideas for each team to make their package on. 

My group decided on reporting on the NHS app, ‘GP at hand’ being launched in London this week. Due to Sidney being in New York and Alice Della Bona being absent, myself and Laura went down to Westminster to film the package on our own. Again, I was responsible for booking out the equipment, researching the story, presenting the story and editing the VT together afterwards.  I think our VT went well, the audio was much better than last week, so were the GVs. It really does make a difference when you spend a little longer out on location to shoot good GVs instead of rushing them on the way back to uni to edit. I managed to edit and upload the VT in record time (for some reason it usually takes me ages to edit but I must be getting the hang of it) 

Back to the live show…it was great to be working with a strong production team especially Saf on Audio and Leanne as director and I think we all corresponded well and kept each other in the loop in preparation for the show. We also got scripts in a lot quicker than the previous week which meant that we had over an hour before the show went live to rehearse and fix any issues. This week we had Ralitsa reacting to the bulletins live on the sofa with the presenters which I thought was really good. It would have been even better if there was a camera zoomed in onto just Ralitsa when she was speaking instead of on the presenters and Ralitsa. However, due to the only other camera being used for the social media presenter, it wasn’t possible. Perhaps next week if the same happens we can practice altering cameras carefully and quickly whilst on air. Rameka did a good job on the bulletins and spoke of breaking news in parliament which happened minutes before the show went out live.

The audio across the board throughout the show was slightly dodgy at points which LJ noticed too, for example, when a VT was playing, you could hear production team whispering in the mics. Also, at times the presenters were looking at the playback screen instead of down camera 1. Another issue was that Nicola’s VT was exported in a slightly wrong format and so the audio sounded strange. We did try to fix this in the rehearsal however it was taking too long to export so we ran the original VT and had our presenters apologies for the audio. Also, one VT had a different font on their Lower Thirds to the rest of the show. 

Thursday 26th October: BBC Broadcasting House

Straight after our live show on Thursday we all went to Broadcasting House just down the road from Oxford Circus for a tour of the BBC studios and then we were in the live audience for the filming of ‘The One Show’ on BBC One. I LOVED IT. 

Most of the group had actually been to Broadcasting House before but I hadn’t so I was really excited for the trip, we had a tour of the studios which was really interesting and so cool to see real journalists working in the news rooms and presenters recording live right in front of us. Learning about the technical budgets for each show was also interesting as their budget affects which equipment and cameras the production teams can borrow. A show such as The One Show had a relatively small budget in comparison to a show such as a David Attenborough documentary. The tour was VERY short and sweet, I’d love to go back for a more in depth tour if possible. 

It was amazing to be in the audience for the live recording of The One Show, It was weird being in the studio for a show that I’ve watched many times growing up especially with parents/grandparents. It was interesting to see the set up in the studio and how our little studio at uni really is just a smaller scale simplified version. I really loved how natural the presenters were despite everything they were saying being written on the autocue. Sharon Osborne was the celebrity guest and she was quite entertaining too. There was a buzz in the audience when Sharon spontaneously donated £10,000 to a charity featured in a VT on the show. 

I definitely want to go back to watch more live shows in the future. 

Comments: Week 5 Live Shows


VIDEO – Thursday 26th October

I felt our VT this week wasn’t as good as the week before, which I felt is a massive shame due to it being assessment week. It definitely didn’t help that our group was 2 people down, leaving just Laura and myself to research, shoot and edit. Our story was based on HANX, a new contraception company who have designed a range of condoms which they hope will combat embarrassment and shame when buying condoms. This week I was the presenter again and also was responsible for booking, collecting and returning the equipment, I also edited the VT together this week again. Halfway through editing, I realised we didn’t have enough GV footage to go with the voice over I had recorded to left the Mac lab to shoot some more GV’s and then went back to the lab to finish editing. 

The live show on the whole was better than the week before, mainly due to a confidence boost and better video packages having been produced. There was an element of stress in the newsroom leading up to going live at 3pm though. There were a couple of technical difficulties, a false start due to the show not being streamed via Youtube and also the mic’s were down at a couple of times, including when the bulletins presenter was speaking. Also in my VT, as presenter I was not told that the audio was slightly off and clearly too close to my mouth so the audio in my PTC sounded tinny and not that great in the show. On the day I also felt that some people weren’t sticking to their roles and were quick to go off for lunch of for coffee before getting their job done. As a result, despite not having a specific role, I did have to step in and edit the opening credits into Adobe After Effects.

RADIO – Friday 27th October

To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to our second radio show however it did go a lot better than the first week. As news editor, my role was slightly overstepped by the producer once again, however I eventually stepped up and realise my role was mainly to focus on the current news which the bulletins and headlines presenters were to speak of and the producer took control of the other teams working on radio packages for the show at 4pm. This was a lot clearer than last week and contributed greatly to me feeling a lot better about this weeks show. I sat with my presenters and social media editor and went through the PA wires, news websites and watched Sky News on TV. We decided on the top stories and Delina worked on constructing the headlines and Liam worked on developing the headlines into full bulletins. Because our editorial meeting over-ran, I didn’t get a chance to read through the bulletins before they first went live which I was annoyed at myself for because the sentences were far too long and written in a style better suited to online audience instead of radio. As soon as the presenters came out of the studio, I edited the scripts in Inception. The part of the day I found quite dry was watching the news on TV literally for 5+ hours in order to assist the presenters update their bulletins to match the breaking news. This is a really important part of producing the news show so I really wish I didn’t find it so dull, I guess because with headlines and bulletins being presented every half hour, sometimes there isn’t much happening or changing on the news on tv within half an hour. On the whole the day was much better than the week before however I do definitely enjoy the video live show more than the radio.

Comments: Week 4 Live Shows


VIDEO – Thursday 19th October

I really enjoyed the energy surrounding our first live show, and I think the fact that my VT team and myself had a good VT organised and uploaded onto Dropbox by Tuesday night really made me relax.  As having a good VT with appropriate interviews organised in time was something I was slightly worried about but luckily it went well. On the whole our VT was good, there is definitely room for technical development. The audio was slightly off at times and the GV’s could have been better. Saying that, the expert interview looked professional. 

For our first live show, I think it went well. A lot more work than any of us ever thought goes into the live shows and everyone had something to do. Even for people that didn’t have assigned roles (such as myself). I made the opening credits on Adobe After Effects and inserted a 10 second clip from my groups VT as it was the leading story on the show. 

Our presenters, Sidney and Barbara worked well together however at some points they were very still and it looked very scripted. Hopefully in week 2, they can relax a little more and show a bit more personality.

RADIO – Friday 20th October

Our radio live show was very different, a lot more people were stressed and a lot more people were confused. I had the role of radio news editor and honestly did find my role getting slightly used by the producer, Nick. I think as producer, the roles were slightly mixed up with the news editor. This might have been one of the reasons that I didn’t enjoy the day anywhere near as much as the video live show.

LSBU To Replace Librarians With Robots

LSBU Perry Library

Students at LSBU are to expect a transformation on campus from a range new modern buildings to a library with robotic staff. 

LSBU Perry Library
The current library at LSBU – Photo by Laura        Finkler


The Perry Library on campus is currently spread over 4 floors and provides thousands of students with access to academic material, study areas and a selection of help desks where students can discuss queries with staff. The plans for the new library would mean that all of the staff will be replaced with robots – unsuprisingly causing controversy. 

I spoke to Simone who has worked in the Perry Library on the help desk for three years. She told us, “It’s exciting new to hear of the news library, however I can’t help but feel apprehensive about the idea of robots replacing librarians. Technology can be great but also a nuisance.” 

London South Bank University has recently revealed grand plans to upgrade and refurbish it’s Elephant and Castle campus, transforming St Georges Circus with new, modern facilities. The plans suggests that students can look forward to using new buildings such as a performing arts space, a large exhibition space, outdoor spaces,  two new large lecture theatres and a state of the art library.


Perry Library
Inside the Perry Library – Photo by Alice Heather

Many students and staff are excited about the new project however there is definitely an underlying state of uncertainty about relying heavily on technology to replace librarians – most people believe human presence will still be required despite the robotic staff.

Alice Heather

Review | Vans x Toy Story Interactive Exhibition

The House of Vans and Disney Pixar have teamed up to showcase the highly anticipated line of Toy Story shoes in an exciting interactive exhibition. 

The House of Vans is an urban creative space tucked away within the arches of Station Approach Road, South London, which provides a venue filled with galleries, workshops and skateparks.

On the 1st December the venue was transformed into an interactive Toy Story exhibition primarily to promote the new line of Vans collaboration with Pixar and Toy Story. The anticipation for the launch was reflected in the need for tickets to the event and the huge queue I joined on arrival. 

Inside, the event was filled with people of all ages from teens to young adults to families, all buzzing (pardon the pun) with excitement at the life-size characters such as Buzz and Woody acting out iconic scenes from the films. 

The cinema room hosted a Toy Story movie marathon whilst the galleries offered a wide range of games and activities to participate in. Cameras flashed, beer bottles clinked and Instagram’s were posted as everybody came together to celebrate the official launch of the shoes which were on display in the centre of the venue.

The shoes come in a variety of styles and Toy Story colour combinations and are all laced with Andy’s iconic signature on the base. Due to huge demand, there’s no doubt the success of this collaboration will go to infinity and beyond. 

Shop the collection here:

Catch the exhibition from the 1st – 5th December 2016 at The House of Vans.