Comments: Live Show 12/03/18

This week I was the website editor and had Francisca as my assistant website editor which was great. I found it quite straight forward as I have done this role twice before. It definitely helped that the content teams were a little more on the ball this week and had their VT’s uploaded to Youtube ready to be embedded into each post.

Despite it being part of my role to fine-tune each article, there does seem to be a re-occurring theme each week that the majority of articles coming in need A LOT of work – to the point where it can take up to 45 mins to edit a 300 word piece. This is usually because the quality of the piece is so poor I usually have to research the story again myself to make sure the piece is accurate. It seems most people end up rushing their article on the morning of the live show instead of spending a good amount of time working on it prior to the live news day. 

There were a couple of articles that I couldn’t publish due to them needing a lot of work done to the point of them needed to be sent back – unfortunately they were absent.