The Holocaust experience at the IWM

The Imperial War Museum’s Holocaust exhibition gives visitors an extensive, moving look into the atrocities committed by the Nazi party during the second world war.

The exhibition allows visitors to walk through a timeline of the events which still shocks humanity today. The exhibit starts in the late 1930’s with Hitler and the Nazi party’s rise and gives context to what you’re about to see. 

The authenticity of the exhibition is impressive, with artifacts from the period and video interviews of Holocaust survivors. Visitors to the exhibition are not allowed to use their mobile phones nor take photographs as a mark of respect. 

Looping video interviews gives the exhibit a personal touch where interviewees relay their first-hand experiences of the genocide. A slightly moving array of belongings of Jewish men and women of the era is placed in one of the corridors which gives perspective to the horrors carried out by the Nazis. 

The final section of the exhibit follows the end of the mass genocide and gives details on the ‘Final Solution’. This was the Nazi’s decision to murder as many Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and anyone else that didn’t conform to their ‘Aryan’ ideology by gassing them in chambers set up in concentration camps all over Europe.

An eerie, gigantic model of people being unloaded off trains at Auschwitz with a guided process of what was to come next is right at the end of the exhibition. The final part documents what happened to Hitler’s accomplices at the end of the war, which is often overlooked by the crimes they committed. 

An incredibly moving and insightful experience ends with a tribute to those who perished in one of the most famous genocides in human history. A must-see for everyone.