Outrage at Student Accomodation as guests are banned

Students staying in London South Bank University Halls, McLaren House, have had their license agreement breached by the university by the sudden ban on guests. The no guests policy was introduced for the first few weeks of semester until 20th October to keep the safety of students and covid. But the students feel as if this is a breach of their license agreement.

It is understood that the University have the power to do this only in the event of a pandemic, government restrictions or other catastrophe under section 17.12 of the license agreement students signed by August. Students, who are paying at least £145 a week for their residence, accuse the university of finding poor excuses that barely meet this agreement due to failings in their own security.

One of the reasons why the uni has prevented access to guest to the accomadation is to minimize self-isolation cases as students arrive in halls for the first couple of the semester which is completely understandable, but if students are regurely testing surely there shouldnt be a problem. Another reason why the uni has banned guests is to minimize risk to safety of resident, as you are attempting to enable unathourized guests to gain access to the building. Banning guests for the first month or so also enables new students to enroll as everyone arrives at different times at the accomadation.

Students claim that this is a breach of the license agreement that the students all signed before moving into these halls. The first reason regarding the ‘self isolation’ excuse. This works in the uni’s favor because of their power under “in the event of a pandemic” and we are currently in a pandemic. However, this reason does not cite a pandemic, so is not applicable anyways. Furthermore, to be forgiving, there has not been the “event” of a pandemic since the license agreement was signed and there is no clause stating the need for that power during pre-existing pandemics. Legally, it should be specifid more correctly that its not in th evemt of a pandemic, but rather to prevent the adverse effects of a pandemic. Another reason why students feel like this is a breach of the license agreement is that there has not been a catastrophic event regarding unathourized people gaining access to halls, and any damage or unathourized individuals are the responsibility of those who gave them access, not the entire halls (as it says in the second part of 17.12). the final point made by students is that this does not match the events under which the university has the right to terminate guest visitation by any means and clearly waffle.

“The university are finding poor excuses for banning guests that barely meets the agreements that we signed for before we moved in”

Student that lives in McLaren House