Facebook: “We don’t know how to tackle the problems with likes.”

Facebook Masterclass for Creative Access in London on Monday the 18th

The team of Facebook has been dealing with different questions from the public. Opening up with different topics, the team of five people highlighted the positive sides of working for Facebook. When asked how they were going to deal with their initiative to remove likes on Facebook and Instagram posts, the team seemed to be confused.

“We are still working on it. We don’t know yet. Because from one side we have to protect certain people from what likes has created to them. Mental issues, for example.” 

“But from the other, we know that there are many brands and influencers that rely on the traffic of likes they get from people.”

Julie Seal from the Creative strategism department, says: “However, likes do not determine the exposure of a brand or an influencer. Their platform will be used as usual. But, it is not easy to come up with a definitive solution. We will work on this.”

“Platform like Facebook and Instagram deal with issues on a daily 24/7,” she added. “This is why meetings like this give us a huge opportunity for the exchange of opinions,” she added. 

As they further explained this initiative would be a test, which already started in other countries. 

Rena, 24 from London: “Don’t you think that limiting the actions on these big platforms would change their initial ability to engage with so many people?”. 

Annie Lawrence from the engineering department explains: “I don’t personally see it in this way. With social media, many were the changes, but we still had a growing effect,” and “I would say that as long as we keep something trendy there will always be traffic going on.” 

Many of us are excited to find out the results when this will start in the UK!