Why is MoJo a life-changer?

Mobile news gathering or MoJo is definitely a life-changer in the world of journalism.

First of all, it is easy. Everyone carries their phone with them, everyone knows how to use video-camera on their phones. Although, problems might occur with sound. It might not be as clear when recording on a mobile. You will probably need to put your phone as close as possible so the sound is clear and the background sound is almost unnoticeable.

It is also really cheap. The gear for the tv crew might cost thousands of pounds so as training the people how to use it.

 It is also a whole lot easier to approach people with a phone than with camera, microphone and all the stuff, they might get nervous and not provide you with an interview or so.

Mobile journalism is also really fast. You can record , edit it in one of the apps and with either WI-FI connection almost everywhere or just your data upload it online.

Since the phones are basically small devices, you can take them almost wherever you want. In the smallest places where you would never go with all the equipment, but also to places where cameras and all the equipment are not permitted.