Review: It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Or is it not?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go… Indeed! 

southbank christmas market
Southbank Christmas Market at its busiest during sunny Sunday. Photo by: Kika Kubanova

London is full of Christmas markets at this time of the year. The closer to Christmas the more everyone wants to make themselves feel festive. And what’s better than visit a Christmas market? They are full of festive food from all over the world, twinkly lights all around you and smell of mulled wine making you happy before even  drinking it.  

From my point of view,  Southbank Christmas Market is one of the best , just because you can enjoy the best sights, such as London Eye. Or walking by river Thames while having your hot drink that makes you feel warmer even if weather is colder than the souls of men.

mulled wine, river Thames, christmas market, southbank
Mulled wine while walking by river Thames is an amazing experience. Photo by: Kika Kubanova

I visited the market on Sunday afternoon, which was a huge mistake. The market was tremendously busy and I couldn’t focus on anything else , but to pass through all these people and find a quiet place, which I finally managed to. I mean, obviously there are gonna be people. But making it for you impossible to even get through, kind of ruins everything. I’d suggest to head down during the weekdays in the evenings. 

christmas market, southbank, stalls
Busy Christmas market on Sunday afternoon. Photo by: Kika Kubanova

Stalls at the market has a food to offer from all over the world. You name it, lovely buzzing Christmas market by the river  has it. 

I had just eaten before visiting the market, so I only went for a mulled wine. You know, it wouldn’t be Christmas without having a warming glass of mulled wine. 

Southbank Winter Market is open from November 9th 2018 till January 6th 2019.