Films based on true stories.

When people watch films based on true stories, they tend to like them even more because the scenes from the films actually happened. But did they really happen? Or are some of them just made up?  examined 17 Hollywood films including The Imitation Game where only 42, 3% of the film is true or Selma which is 100% true. On the website you can see what parts of the films are true, true-ish, false, false-ish, or unknown (information could’n be verified). False and false-ish parts come with an explanation what happened in reality.

In the world full of fake news people can’t rely on news. When they watch a film based on a true story they have a right to know whether a film is true.

People deserve to be informed and they deserve to know the truth whether it’s news or films. When a film says it’s based on a true story, we tend to think that every single bit of a film really happened. So my story would be to inform people that even these films don’t have to be 100% true. I would do some research on more films that are based on true stories, specially the famous ones, because that would make the story more publishable.

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