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Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal. Where are things going wrong continuously? The Ox has left!

This post is late of course. Why? Honestly because I couldn’t bare to talk about the defeat after it happened. It’s taken a lot of courage to speak on such a travesty. Funniest game of the season so far. A real stomach buster – for anyone who doesn’t support Arsenal that is. It’s at the point where nothing can surprise the Arsenal faithful. What further depths could consume our dignity after this game. Mayday. Mayday. We are sinking fast. Although, I want to say now after fist bumping failure – the only way is up. We are a team in crisis, but things can only improve. As a fanbase, we must stick together, do not become divided and motivate the team to do much much better. I feel the influence of social media are negatively impacting the players’ performances, as we know the players are watching no matter how much they try shrug it off. The more the team gets criticised on platforms like ‘Arsenal Fan TV’, the more likely they are going to put out cheap performances as they are aware of the disrespect that is being thrown their way so why should they try. Another conundrum to player performances, is wages. If I am a professional football player at Arsenal Football Club, earning £150,000 a week no matter how I play, would I really be that fussed if my team loses. With the knowledge that I am going to make £300,000 in two weeks. Most likely, I won’t be fussed and will drive to my extravagant house then relax watching netflix on my massive television. To be fair, not all players are consumed by money rather than success. You can tell a large amount of football players are trying to secure their billionaire statuses. There is a horrible stench of acceptance throughout the Arsenal team during matches where the players seem to be fine getting picked apart by teams. No sense of upping the gears to seem like they have any fight. This has to go down as a lack of leadership and backbone from the team. I just have no idea how te team can fix this lack of backbone and identity with the team we have right now.

Oh yeah. This happened – or  should I say he happened. Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain has joined Premier League rivals Liverpool. But wait – wasn’t Chamberlain in the starting line-up against Liverpool on Sunday? So why would a player who’s going to join the team he is facing play? Surely, the player would give minimal effort as he is switching allegiances. Typical Wenger, promising players will stay whilst letting them leave. Thankfully, we got £40,000,000 for Chamberlain considering he’s only scored NINE goals in SIX years. Call me a  salty fan, but the facts speak for themselves. I can understand why he has decided to leave, however he was just as much as the problem. Chamberlain’s best form came six months before he left after being at Arsenal for six years. Possibly Klopp can make Chamberlain be the player he never was at Arsenal. Thank you for the six years, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Your Ox-like strength, blistering place, questionable crossing, weak finishing and horrific decision making will be dearly missed. Good luck Liverpool.