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The journey through journalism

Journalism has changed over the last two decades. This is primarily through the introduction of better technology.

Twenty years ago, many people were used to just receiving their news from newspapers. Newspapers allows people to find out about the daily news while on their commute to and from work. It was uncommon for people to access their news from the internet as websites weren’t as advanced as they are in today’s time.

Television news programmes such as ITV news and BBC news at 10 have been running for over 55 years, meaning television and newspapers were the main source of news. In 2017, many people especially the younger generation have now switched on to digital platforms such as phones, tablets and laptops. This explains television viewing numbers going down as well as local newspapers going out of business as many people prefer to get the news on their phones on the go. Journalism now and then both have advantages and disadvantages. journalism of yesterday, was informative, had less pictures but was only for people who wanted view news. Journalism of today reaches mass numbers and engages people who don’t usually would check the news as social media propels internet users to choose news.