The art of saving money; London’s Bankside Gallery

It is often said that the best things in life are free.

Currently exhibiting The National Original Print Exhibition, London’s free admission Bankside Gallery offers a myriad of mixed-media art; flitting abruptly between replicas of post-war, moody and magnetic block prints, into the likes of modern day contemporary, soft and sophisticated lino-cut masterpieces.

Despite its location in one of London’s busiest spots, the Bankside Gallery offers tranquillity and seclusion; tourists are often unaware of this gallery due to its close proximity to the infamous Tate Modern.

This quiet gallery allows visitors to enjoy art in peace

The gallery’s pristine, minimalist interiors allow visitors to focus solely on the art. The staff are kind and eager to offer their knowledge on the artists and their pieces. 

Allison, (an art collector and avid painter) said that “It is great that the United Kingdom offers galleries with free admission […] in America, the admission is often $20 or more.”

Displaying many exhibitions annually, the gallery is set to showcase the following in early 2019; ‘Mini Picture Show’, ‘Be Part of Art’ and ‘Society of Wood Engravers’.

The Bankside Gallery is tucked away on the Southwark riverside, between Blackfriars and Millennium Bridge and is open daily from 11am to 6pm during exhibitions.

For more information on upcoming exhibitions, visit their website here.