Tinchy Stryder, Atik Review

I went to ATIK in Dartford, Kent where rapper Tinchy Stryder was performing on the 1stof November. Tinchy Stryder is one of the most iconic rapper’s/pop stars of my generation so I was very excited to see him.

I was particularly looking forward to seeing him perform Number 1, Never Leave You, Game Over, Spaceship and Lost in Warfare as these were just a selection of songs I used to listen to when growing up.

However, I was left somewhat disappointed. Yes, I got to see him perform some of my favourite songs, but for me he was in and out in a flash. Not much interaction with the people who came to see him in my opinion. And again it seemed like an easy pay check for him, I found that Nathan Dawe who performed a week or two later which I attended also, put in more of a performance and his hype man, whose name I do not know, was better than Tinchy Stryder. Interacting with fans and putting in an enjoyable performance which I will remember, being involved in mosh pits is dangerous but fun.

Overall, it was good to see someone perform who I grew up listening too despite being quite disappointed with an underwhelming performance. But for me it shows in a sense how much Tinchy has fell off the scene. No disrespect to him or the venue ATIK, but as me and my friends said to each other, if he’s performing in Dartford, that must show how much he has fallen off.