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Cosmopolitan – Target Audiences



Cosmopolitan magazine is an international magazine that covers women’s issues such as relationships, sex, health, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, fashion and beauty.

Magazines sold per month: 450,000

Target Audience: 18-34 year old women  (I think it would more likely be 16-45)

Circulation: 43,299*

Readership: 298,000*

(People working as there is a fee, in stable jobs, lower middle class women)

Website: More than 4.6m users per month


“Cosmopolitan is the world’s most successful magazine for young women aged 18 to 34. It’s often described as “my caffeine”, “my best friend” and “my personal stylist”. When young women read Cosmopolitan they become part of a like-minded conversation on topics ranging from fashion and beauty to relationships and body image. Cosmo makes women feel like they can take on the world.”


Claire Askew (Editor)

I am a first year student studying Journalism at London South Bank University, covering news in Borough and posting it here online!