Review: Live Show WK10

Saf and Emma are both very good sofa presenters, with Saf in particular being very eloquent and clearly-spoken. I don’t like the footage overlay, particularly the fact that it has sound. It feels jarring and totally unnatural when it suddenly appears into the mix. Could probably have been executed better with a fade-in and only the sound of the presenters speaking over the top of it.

The footage also ends with a short black screen, which isn’t quite ideal but understandable as I imagine it’s awkward to cut out at precisely the right time. Again, I think a fade would have worked better than a cut here. Saf and Emma’s delivery of the last few lines in this segment was weird, but as far as I can recall this is due to one of several mistakes in the scripting that made the autocue difficult to read so it’s hard to fault them for it.

The framing on VT1 is good, with a great choice in background behind Saf. It definitely seems weird to cut to her being somewhere else though. Nice framing of vox pops, although on my laptop it appears the sound is out of sync with the video in places. The establishing shot of the careers and guidance area appears to be at a canted angle. Otherwise very good.

VT2 is great, although the wait for their interviewee to open the door felt a bit long. Not too sure about that closing GV shot either.

I absolutely abhor the decision to stand Nick in front of the production desk. I was unable to take my eyes off myself chewing my mints the entire time. Not to mention how self-conscious I was of that fact while I was supposed to be scrolling the autocue around. I don’t think it’s a good look at all. That notwithstanding, Nick was a good bulletins host.

Moona is a great sofa guest, very good at glancing discreetly at her notes and comes across as very confident. Cut to the footage of vox pops was done very well.

VT3 is introduced by referring to the Soho popup store as “the first popup store”, which would doubtless come as a bit of a surprise to the popup stores that have been around all over the world for centuries. This is silly nitpicking though – the VT is pretty good but the sound on Delina’s voiceover is a bit weird, and the background noise is inconsistent.

VT4 is good, although Shola seems oddly enthused about the high rates of homelessness. The sound levels are inconsistent with the v/o but overall a great package.

Isla is a great social media host. Not a whole lot else to say, she did a very good job.

Stanley narrates VT5 really well. He’s a great host. The sound can sometimes be inconsistent, it’s disorienting when one of the channels goes silent all of a sudden but that aside its a great package overall. Lots of information, good camerawork, decent vox pop.

VT6 has inconsistent sound and is slightly inconsistent audio-wise. I think it’s okay though. The interviewees were great. I edited it, so obviously I’m a bit biased there.

Saf and Emma close the show out very well.

Overall probably a 7 or 8 out of 10.