DING, DING Huntsman and Hounds pub saved

Huntsman and Hounds pub has lucky been reopened because of walworth society

Huntsman and Hounds pub has re-opened. The pub was closed in 2014 as it was sold to a developer but in August 2016 it was then re-opened. The pub re-opened due to a campaign led by the Walworth Society.  The pub’s 161-year-old building was earlier this year bought by United St Saviour’s charity, and the pub will then be ran by Market Taverns.

The company that opened the new Huntsman and Hounds also has a Market Porter in Borough Market. “There aren’t many pubs around Walworth anymore, it’s going be nice to bring in local people again.”says their new manager Isobel Wall. The pub has shut for another couple of months but then again it was re-opened with the charity now guaranteeing its future.

United St Saviour’s says the pub’s rental income will be used to support the charity’s community investment programme and sheltered housing for elderly people in Southwark.  United St Saviour’s say’s that the pub will introduce teas, coffee, cakes and traditional pub food. A few changes have been made to the pub’s interior just before it was re-opened, now re-opened the pub will bring the community back together.