East Street Market and its diversity

The great diversity that happens in East Street market

The Walworth area is situated in the district of South East London. With Walworth was once being home to the great English comic actor Charlie Chaplin and also Sir Michael Caine.

The area of Walworth is famous for their East Street Market which has been around since the 16th century. The East Street Market sells a lot of different goods varying from Caribbean and African vegetable and fruits to household items. The diversity in the market is very similar to the people who live in Walworth, the market tries to reflect their sale on that.

I spoke to a student who lives in Walworth and asked him how it feels to live in a such an ethnically diverse and youthful area of London, “it feels really cool living in such an ethnically diverse area, it brings a lot of character to the community and with the market it provides such a large variety of worldly goods on your door step” The market is open every Tuesday to Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-6.30pm, Sunday 8am-2pm.

Las Iguanas: A review


Las Iguanas, the place where you can dance your troubles away. 

Las Iguanas is a Latin American dining restaurant chain that was created in the U.K. Visiting Las Iguanas was surely an experience to remember, the atmosphere was incredible everyone was extremely friendly and the drinks were exceptional. I hadn’t planned on going to Las Iguanas at all, I was just out on a walk down the South bank and stumbled across it, and what a discovery this was. As soon as you walk in into Las Iguanas you see the dance floor with a DJ, the music played is Latin music which is amazing to dance to. Not only does Las Iguanas serve amazing alcohol but they also do delicious dishes which are all Latin. 

There’s even a happy hour at Las Iguanas 2for1 on drinks, from 12-7pm. 

I definetly recommend going to Las Iguanas if you’re up for a dance, nice refreshing cocktail and a spicy meal. 

The opening hours for South Bank Centre – Las Iguanas is:

Monday – Tuesday: 10am – 11pm

Wedneaday – Thursday: 10am – 12am

Friday – Saturday: 10am – 2 am

Sunday – 10am – 10:30pm