Radio Show- 12th February

Our first audio show of the new semester


For the JLDN team it was the first radio show of the new year and I had an important role to play. We start on the Wednesday planning for the radio show our Chief News editor Ilsa as the Editor -in-chef. We had our normal editorial meeting and were sent out to produce our packages. 


Our package was about professional cheating. More specifically how new technology was being used to crack down of professional cheats. We was able to go and record in good time. (Unlike last week) Therefore allowing us good time to work on editing and the article. This also allowed us to get a case-study, one of Sidney’s flat mate had be caught cheating and was able to carry out a case-study and talk to him.


One the day 


Me and Remka were the not two in-charge running the day. Her as Producer and me as the Assistant. We managed to keep on track however one problem was that no one had put a Metta Data in the artist part for the radio packages. This was very frustrating and the show did not go to plan. However despite this we worked with the presenters and the news bulletin presenters, to ensure that the show continued. Working on our feet and using some ESports content from Sam we was able to ensure that the show was long enough. We was able to extended the content with the help of the sports and news bulletins as well.


It was a shame that this technical error occurred, as the packages were very good and would have made the show a lot better. I know that I or Remka should have maybe gone around to check that these added into the radio artist was in the Metta Data. Despite this we got the show out .