Meeting Climate Control Limits Could Save Lives But How Could This Be Done?

Some have claimed that Saving the planet is too hard I know differently and will show you how


After doing some research into what is causing our pollution problem , in London,. Here’s our some of the different ways that we can help reduce our Carbon Footprint,. Cycling , reducing plastic and changing our transports methods could help us reduce our pollution for ourselves and how it can everyone in the city of London.  I have come up wth some ways of helping reducing your Carbo Footprint, that we can all do on a day to day basis.  In a recent study made by King’s  College London claiming that if The UK meets The Climate Charge Act, by reducing our  air pollution by 50-60%. This could result in public health and life expectancy to rise across the United Kingdom. The question remains, how easy is it for us all to do?  More importantly What can be done by the people of London to reduce Carbon Dioxide?


One of the best ways to reduces your Carbon Footprint is by cycling. In London there are new and safe highways know as The Super Cycle High, which allow for people to safely cycling in and around London. This was brought in by the Government to encourage people to cycle instead of using public transport, like buses which uses large amounts of Carbon Dioxide. 

Another way to reduce Carbon Dioxide it by reusing and recycling plastic. Throwing away plastic can cause large amount of damage to the environment, firstly it can take up to 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose.  What are some of the best ways of recycling and reusing plastic. Next  time you buy a plastic bottle why not keep hold of it and take it home. Then fill it up the night before you go out and put it your fridge to keep it cool. That way to can save money and plastic.


What else can be done?


The Government and local authorities are working to ensure that they are doing as much as possible to reduce London’s Carbon Footprint. As mentioned before the Super Cycling Highways introduction and The T-Charge, taxing vehicle that are older than 2006. In-order to encourage drivers to scrap these high polluting vehicles. However there has been much criticism, Many believe that that will not work and is unfair on drivers as well. As well as the T-Charge , there has even been  a purposed idea of  Oxford Street becoming a pedestrianise zone where cars and other vehicle can not pass through.  Again an effort being  made to try and reduce the pollution created in London. 



By reducing the amount of cars that we use in London and eliminating the number of high polluting cars that are on the roads in London, If everyone in London takes time to either reduce the amount plastic that they use or choose to walk or cycle to and from work , we will all slow start to reduce are Carbon Footprint as well.