Jam Baxter is Back & He is Leaving His “Teeth Marks” in the UK Hip Hop Scene

High Focus artist Jam Baxter Returns to show us what we have missed.

After a quite year from Baxter with no presence seen online through new music its a pleasant surprise to see a new track on my twitter feed. Upon following the link we learn that he has collaborated with none other than “…So We Ate Them All” producer Chemo.

The track explores a more psychedelic, relaxed beat which works perfectly with Baxter’s vague yet beautiful bars. The flow is very relaxed and detailed of which we haven’t seen so much from Baxter this almost makes you forget about tracks such as”Menu” and “Leach”.

The video for this track is quite special to the viewer itself, using a karaoke style layout to allow the viewer to have more of an insight into the writing and rhyming style of Baxter which in this case is so detailed.This can be seen straight from the get go, opening the song with “To a soundtrack of insects screaming and every skin cell wheezing
I picked out the liquor soaked suit for the evening.” allowing us to truly understand everything.

The track is taken from his forthcoming new album Mansion 38 available for pre-order now via High Focus. For now you can grab a 7″ vinyl of Teeth Marks b/w Soi 36 right here.