Mexican Parade in Southwark – Celebration of Dia de los Muertos

A Mexican parade, open to all for free, took place in Southwark during the last week of October, in order to celebrate the Latin American version of Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos

As Emma Blackman, Theatre Deli’s producer and programmer said, ‘Southwark is home to a diverse and cultural landscape, which includes an 8.9 per cent population of Latin American people in the borough.

That is why the Theatre Deli decided to organise this event, in order to give people the opportunity to learn about Mexican traditions with a combination of live Latin American music, workshops, and many other different activities – available in both English and Spanish – which were organised during the three days of festivities – from October 25th to 27th.

On the first day, people had the opportunity to create their own Dia de Los Muertos’ look, during a crafts workshop led by Mandiga Arts.

After that, on the second day, there were dances and performances in the streets. People also had the possibility to attend a dance and theatre workshop in order to improve their skills.

Then on the last day, the colorful and musical carnival took place, displaying vibrant sugar skulls’ outfits. Children also had the opportunity to finally demonstrate all they had learned during the many workshops on the previous days.