Deal site Groupon in controversy over Alice in Winterland overpriced tickets

Groupon was reported by Southwark local residents of trying to sell overpriced tickets for Alice in Winterland Christmas event.

People were deeply stunned when discovering that the Groupon company, which is known to offer exclusive deals in many different places has changed the original prices of Alice in Winterland‘s tickets. Their “offer” was more expensive than buying the tickets on the event’s site. 

When going on the official website of the event, opening in Southwark Park on November 28th, the prices of the tickets are fixed at £15 for adults and £9 for children.

Whereas on the Groupon website the prices are said to originally being £18 for adults and £12 for children. On what is then applied their so-called promotion to reduce the price to £12 for adults and £8,50 for children.

Tony (@SELondoner), a local – he preferred to keep his surname private – said on Twitter, “Isn’t it illegal to advertise a false pre-sale price?

After asking Groupon UK via Twitter direct messages if they could give a comment about the issue of the overpriced tickets they answered, “Thanks for getting in touch. Groupon is an active and busy marketplace, and occasionally, as we experience fluctuations in stock, demand, and suppliers, we may offer similar products for different prices. We try our best to make sure this happens as rarely as possible. I hope that helps, but if there’s anything else I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know.