Southwark Council is processing a significant regeneration of Walworth area

View of the new war memorial with the new hoardings in the back, in Walworth Square. [Photo by Juliana Onetti]

New War Memorial designed by Scottish sculptor, Kenny Hunter was unveiled by Southwark Council at the end of November.

The bronze sculpture created as part of the process of regeneration of Walworth, commemorates the centenary of the Armistice. The contemporary artwork depicts a boy, figure of youth, standing on a fallen tree trunk, illustrating lives lost at war.

Artist Kenny Hunter told Juliana Onetti, “The Borough of Southwark has a strong and unique identity and apart from the people, institutions, and public, sculpture help to give physical form and character to that identity.

The regeneration, aiming at celebrating the local area and its history, also includes new Walworth Square space. A garden created to brighten up Walworth Town Hall surroundings, which remained unchanged for years after the fire damages in the building, back in 2013. 

The new hoardings surrounding the Town Hall are also part of the process. This new piece of temporary public art, by graphic artist Kerry Lemon, brings together many historical references of Walworth. The artist tried to put forward the heritage of this place, by featuring representative elements from the past or present of the local area such as plants, animal and architecture.

Bruno S. a local, said to Juliana Onetti, “Southwark was lacking places like that, it’s important to have spaces for the community, I really like to come here.