Is Mobile News Gathering Changing Journalism?

Mobile phones have certainly brought about a change not only in the way we consume information today but also the way that material is being produced.

These devices have become forerunners of an advancement in mobile devices and reporting news. Many journalists have used these developments to their advantage, using mobile technology in their writing. Apart from that, citizen journalism has grown immensely mainly because mobile devices can capture any news worthy event. That being said, mobile devices certainly alter the field of journalism. It has aided in that information can easily be sent and received, but the speed in which people can receive and present news content has created another level of journalism. Mobile devices have given journalists the opportunity to account news from the field.  News apps, and the ability to access information from the web has provided journalists with influential tools for propagating news. Mobile journalism has grown significantly around the world. Journalism for radio, television, or printed newspapers have integrated into the use of mobile technology. Instead of simply using their mobile devices for traditional journalism, they also use it for recording live on the field, and blogging. Mobile news gathering has certainly changed the way journalists receive and report news, and this age of mobile media will continue to grow in numbers.