Review: Borough Market

Borough Market, has grow in popularity with the growing increase of foodies in and around the London area. It is one of the oldest markets but even so it has remained ever popular as before.

Situated right by London Bridge is a market place for all different types of stalls. Ranging from fresh baking goods to jams and various other condiments.

The popularity of the market just keeps growing with each day, more and more people are visiting this attraction to buy their produce as well as other tasty food. Especially the donuts! Buzzing with life the market seems to be a great source of entertainment and joy for the consumers that visit.

Even being on a student budget the food there is still very affordable and really worth going, even if it is in South London.

With a friendly atmosphere this is a nice market to go to as the stall owners are polite and well mannered. Making you feel right at home within seconds. I would highly recommend going to Borough Market as it makes a good day out for the whole family.