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Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

The angle of our story was getting the public’s thoughts and reservations on Brexit so far.

Brexit VT Analysis:

When analysing our Brexit VT’s we looked at the good and the bad points of our work. As well as how it could have been improved to make it even better than it was before.

There were too many voices in our report and there should be only one constant voice so that the audience does not get confused. We had a few issues with the audio as it was a little too quiet when playing it back to the class. But when editing we had to change the volume of it a few times and it still did not come out well.

As a journalists I learnt that you should get a variety of angles for a report to make it interesting and to keep the audience engaged. As well as to get the interviewee to spell their name as well as to say their job description, making sure it relates to the story.