My name is Eloïse Picard and I am a seventeen French girl. I come from a town called Annecy located within the French Alps, about an hour from Geneva.

I am curious and interested in a lot of different things but my main passions are Fashion and as a musician myself, Music and Cinema and travels. 


I am currently living in London in order to study journalism. Moreover, studying journalism here is an immense chance for me because London allows me to experience a lot, it will be extraordinarily rewarding for me. Not forgetting that London is the most beautiful city in the world!

  • What kind of journalist do I want to be? 

I would like to become a journalist that defends Human Rights by broadcasting fundamental values and knowledge to whom can’t have access to information or education.

I would like to work for the United Nations or for the BBC as an investigative reporter. I am also really interested in Fashion journalism, I keep that project in mind as a possible choice concerning my future. 

Indeed, I  believe that there are many inequalities all around the globe. We can consider us as lucky because in developed countries we can access to informations really easily compared to the poorest or less advanced countries. Moreover, the education is the foundation of our knowledge and experiences, and we know that nowadays a lot of children can’t reach a certain level of study and more than 61,3 millions of children don’t have access to primary school according to the UNESCO. 

Therefore, I am convinced that the information we read everyday can be a part of the construction of our knowledge and experiences. Then, by bringing informations to whom that have a lack of consciousness concerning the functioning of the world is primary. 

Nowadays, the news and the influence of the media are omnipresent in our life as global citizen. Indeed, we can read or watch TV and we have the possibility to give or to think about our own opinion. 

It is for this reason that I inspire to become a journalist. I believe that if everyone can access to the information, we would be able to build our own viewpoints about our society and make a change about the things that need to be improved, defending and promoting Human Rights for all, for instance.