Reconstruction of former football club

By Moona Popal

Former Hendon Football Club’s reconstruction has left some local residents and schools distraught.

The football club has been ripped apart and ready for it to be constructed into 2-3 bedroom homes. The site is being redeveloped into 135 residential units, compromising 84 flats in 3 five storey blocks and 51 two to three storey dwelling houses.

Residents nearby complain that the Barnet council should have fought harder into re-establishing the club, instead of turning it into another business deal.

Despite the locals vocal opposition to the plans, the council has decided to go ahead with the construction plans, as nearly 10 years ago it had already been put on hold and they refuse to let it go on any further.

Miss Mickel Hedley 18, from a local secondary school, Whitefield Academy, believes that the reconstruction is not only leaving some locals heartbroken, but causing a nuisance for others.

“Sometimes the noise from the construction sites gets so loud, it gets hard to concentrate on what the teacher is explaining. It’s hard to focus when there’s so much background noise”

Miss Avril Fielding, a teacher at Whitefield Academy said, “I’ve been at this school for nearly 10 years now, and I’ve supported some of the students who have played at that club, it is really unfortunate that it’s being destroyed”

The football club had first emerged in 1926, opening with an FA Cup tie against Berkhamsted Town.

Hendon Football Club currently plays its home games at Vale Farm after entering a ground-share agreement with Wembley Football Club.

The clubs final game was played a few years ago in, 2008, when local rivals Wealdstone won 4-1. Since then, the clubs site had been taken over by Romanian squatters, who were recently evicted out of the site.

The earthquake that shook Wales


(Credit Twitter user @MattH_197)

On Saturday, an earthquake with the magnitude of 4.4 hit Wales at 2.30pm, people were left feeling the tremors of the quake.

The earthquake was the biggest to have struck the UK in 10 years, however you’d never know it. While some felt the tremors and some didn’t.

There have been no reports of serious damage or causalities, people showed their humour by posting the aftermath of the ‘earthquake’. Twitter was exploded with pictures and videos created by users to show the hilarious side of the quake.

A twitter user shared a picture of a downed chair, along with the caption ‘Cardiff will rebuild’, while another user shared an image of a sheep on its back. Some Twitter users even started making ‘videos’ of the quake.

Moona popal

Already 13 fatal stabbings this year in London

The victim was found on Logan Place in Kensington

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On early morning of Sunday 18th Feb, a 19-year-old teenager lost his life, after being fatally stabbed to death in West London. The victim was found at 3am in Logan place Kensington, after police were called for receiving reports of large numbers of vehicles in the area.

Police have now launched a murder investigation, as the teenager is the thirteenth already in the year to have been killed by a knife crime. They believe that the victims death could potentially be linked to a house party in Earls court area, that was not too far from where he died. According to Scotland Yard, he is one of 13 people to be stabbed to death in 2018.

Another teenage boy, with a bright future ahead of them, Promise Nkenda, 17, tragically lost his life in Canning Town, east London, on valentine’s day. The teen was attacked in Goldwing close in Canning town, and stabbed to death.

The Metropolitan police have said that officers had been called to reports of a youth with knife wounds, shortly after 8pm on Wednesday.

Promise was said to be one of the ‘highest achievers’ and loved by his peers and teachers at New Directions pupil referral unit in Newham. The unit is for pupils of ages between 14 – to 16 and is for teens who are in a potential risk of being either excluded from school or have been excluded.

One witness informed the police, that they saw the victim first being chased in a car, before he was stabbed to death. The car the witness had seen, was later found crashed on a nearby street.

Paramedics from London ambulance service were also called but sadly were unable to save the boy and he was pronounced dead at 8.38pm. No suspect has yet been arrested, police said.

Moona Popal

Stars alight the red carpet at BAFTA to solidarity to the Times Up movement

The 2018 BAFTA took place in London’s famous Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington. Crowds were formed around the barriers waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. Legends like Patrick Stewart, and Oscar winner Angelina Jolie, to ‘rising actors award’ winner Daniel Kaluuya, who appeared in ‘Get out’ graced the red carpet.

The significance of the Times up movement was as strong as it was in the Golden globes. The Time’s Up movement, was first created as a show of solidarity for stars who faced sexual abuse at the hands of famous Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. The movement now raises awareness of sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace and helps sexual assault victims to come forward and take legal action against their abusers in the industry.

The movement was evident, with actresses like Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie and Emma Roberts shunning color and wearing black to show support for the ‘Times up’ and ‘Me too’ movement. Jolie dressed in strapless custom Ralph & Russo black velvet gown, was accompanied at the red carpet by her longtime friend, human rights activist and author of ‘First they killed my father’, Loung Ung.

Another beauty that stole the limelight was Jennifer Lawrence, who stepped in the red carpet donning a custom made Dior gown. The Joy actress, 27, who has previously won the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in 2014 for American Hustle and won an Oscar in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook, emitted radiance in a stunning off-the-shoulder black gown.

Other stars like Timothee Chalamet, who starred in Woody Allen’s ‘Call me by your name’ has vowed to donate his fee from the movie to the ‘Times up’ campaign. Woody Allen the director of the movie, faces sexual harassment allegations by his adoptive daughter. Actress Rebecca Hall has also donated her fee for the film to Time’s Up.

However, one to always stand out, the Duchess of Cambridge, had risked a backlash by opting for a dark forest green gown by British designer Jenny Packham.

Moona Popal

Can Folic acid be the cure to prevent birth defects? 


Health ministers across the UK are urging the government to fortify food with Folic acid, to prevent birth defects, as well as the risk of diseases like cancer. 

A new study conducted by Queens Mary University has shown that folic acid can reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Folic acid contains B vitamin which helps the body form healthy red blood cells, but more importantly it reduces the risk of central neural tube defects, such as Spinal bifida in unborn babies. 

Health ministers now want UK to fortify flour, like the rest of the world, as concerns have risen after the amount of unplanned pregnancies in the UK. This is due to the fact that folic acid is most important to be taken in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. Researchers believe many women can be protected from NTD and that the cost would just be mere “pennies”. 

A report conducted in 2015 by the British Medical Journal, states that over 2000 pregnancies associated with neural tube defect could have been avoided, if the UK, like the rest of the world followed suit and adopted the fortification system. 

Dr.Chris Brock, the head of food sciences at the national bakery school has explained that; “Folic acid is a vitamin, and vitamins are chemicals that we can’t make ourselves and therefore have to consume them, as our body needs them”. 

He emphasised that; “Folic acid is particularly important in the early development of the fetus, and if a pregnant woman has a deficiency of folic acid, they are in dangers of neural tube defect”. 

Folic acid is not just good to be taken by pregnant women, but for everyone, as folate operates in red blood cells, which helps us protect and fight against heart disease and breast cancer. Not enough folate in the body also causes a risk of many cancerous diseases like cervical, colon, brain, and lung cancer. It can also cause symptoms such as weakness of the body, extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. 

Although the main source of folic acid for the rest of the world is mainly found in fortified products, there are also other foods that contain the B vitamin naturally. Spinach, Brussel sprouts, beef liver, asparagus and white rice, are just some of them.  

By Moona Popal

With Christmas around the corner, adopt a pet and get a friend for life.

Pic: A sheltered dog at Battersea Cats and Dogs. (Credit: Dominique Frances)

 By Moona Popal

Get yourself an early Christmas present, by adopting a furry friend for life. Charities like the RSPCA and Battersea aim to find lovable homes for mistreated animals before the new year is over, reports Moona Popal

A recent story of a cat being found hanged with a noose in the neighbour’s garden, has shed light on more and more pets being abused daily.

As I walked through the close roomed shelter of Battersea Cats and Dogs, which shelter’s 148 Dogs and 135 Cats, on site at any one time, and looked at each cage too small in size, yet still seeing hope in the eyes of each animal to finally call a place home, day after day.

Charities like the RSPCA and Battersea Cats and Dogs aim to make that a reality by making sure they are adopted by a loving family.

Haida Amirzadah from Hendon, adopted her cat on her as a kitten in 2014, and hasn’t looked back since.

As she sits in her leather couch with her cat on her lap, she tells me: “I’ve always wanted a pet, and so a cat was my first option. I think adopting animals not only helps the shelters out but brings a long a new love to your life. You know that whenever you come home, you’ll always have someone waiting for you. My perspective on animals changed since I adopted my cat. Before I didn’t pay much attention to animal cruelty but since I’ve got a cat; I have more affection towards any other animal and have more interest on how I can help stop animal cruelty.”

Charities like Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, believe that: “…every dog and cat should live in a home where they are treated with love, care and respect.” “We are one of the few animal rescue centres’ that operates a non-selective intake policy, accepting any breed of animal, of any age, including cats and dogs with serious medical conditions and behavioural problems.” In 2016, ‘Battersea Dogs and Cats’, cared for around 7000 dogs and cats.

After speaking to Gemma Nethersole from RSPCA, I felt more at ease after knowing, that these shelters follow: “ certain procedures, including a home visit if necessary, to ensure that each cat and dog goes to a suitable home. We also have an ‘adopt with confidence’ pledge, which means prospective owners can be confident that any cat adopted from us has benefited from the very highest standards of care and attention. Each Cats Protection cat will have been examined by a veterinary surgeon, microchipped, vaccinated, neutered if appropriate and will also come with a period of free pet insurance. We provide these benefits so people don’t have to worry about them following adoption.”

Nethersole also stated that: “We support adoption rather than the purchase of pets, only because there are thousands of unwanted cats and kittens currently in care which need loving homes.”

According to Nethersole, they would advise to adopt just before Christmas or after: “As many cats do not settle well into a new home during this very busy time of year, but cats and kittens can be reserved for adoption so that they can be collected early in the New Year.”

Christmas market at Southbank review

The Southbank centre has officially transformed into a Christmas wonderland; featuring stalls of food, clothes and activities to do with your loved ones, besides offering a cheerful Christmas ambience. This is the perfect place to take your other half, and enjoy a little stroll with artisan gift stalls on the way, or even enjoy a sip of wine in a cosy bar.
The  market which opened on 10th of November, will be running until 4th of January next to the Southbank centre. The market is just based alongside the Thames, making it more beautiful.
Our VT was created to show the markets success which allows it to run every year. We were able to speak to visitors as well as workers to see what they thought of the market, and if it puts them in a Christmas spirit.
During the visit we were able to capture beautiful shots of the market, where family’s were passing by and couples were enjoying the live music coming from the pub built within the market.
However, some visitors did question the choice of music, as it was not matching up to the ambience of the market, and would’ve preferred if it was more Christmassy to which I completely agree.
Overall, the market was a success in my eyes, as it seemed like as the day got darker, the Christmas lights were shining brighter and pulling more visitors towards it, eventually creating a crowd.  I believe our VT was able to showcase this throughout.

By Moona Popal


Sharon Osbourne at the One time show

By Moona Popal

Sharon Osbourne joins Alex Jones and Ore Oduba at the One-time show sofa.  The fiery judge will be appearing at the show to discuss x-factor, as well as to watch the new lights appear at the Piccadilly Circus’s famous screen with both presenters.  

 Sharon Osbornes fans waited anxiously outside the BBC one studio to catch a glimpse of her, and to their contentment did not have to wait too long to see her.  At the show, the judge reminisced about growing up in London and, what it was like moving from Brixton to Barkley square. She talks about her frequent visits to Piccadilly circus “to mingle” and “meet people”.

Mrs Osbourne smiles happily and says, “I just think back to those days- my favourite shop was called Swan and Edgar”, ‘“A fabulous department store, and I remember I bought a lovely cape” to her dismay which was later turned into tower records.

She also talks about frequently visiting Piccadilly Circus when she was younger and seeing the ‘windmill daily’ – a sandwich bar, where she would see women eating sandwiches, which she found very sweet. 

The x-factor judge seemed very pleased with her image being broadcasted across one of the biggest screens across Europe. Whilst Alex Jones, asked Mrs Osbourne if “Simon Cowell has ever done anything as big of a magnitude for her”, to which the judge thoughtfully replied, “yes- he gives me a very nice check every week”.

Mrs Osbourne also discussed being back on x-factor, “I love to go live every weekend, the audience is like a party atmosphere”.

Towards the end of the show, the x-factor judge also vowed in front of the audience, as well as her viewers at home, that she will be donating £10,000 to children in need. 

Review- VT 26th October- Second live show

My group and I decided to film about how students welfare and motivation is affected when they have to travel far to get to university. In order to do this we decided to interview fellow students at LSBU, as well as Mike Swiner (students union manager) to ask about whether students have previously brought up such an issue. To our surprise we got a mixture of responses.

My role in my group changed accordingly, I was the reporter, but I also recorded parts of the VT, as well as do the voiceover and research who to interview and contact them.  It changed throughout the week, as did my peers roles, so we were able to help eachother out accordingly.



LSBU first live show

 Creating a VT on black history month, for the first live show, me and my group tried to make sure we had ticked all the criteria for a perfect VT, however due to the fact we weren’t able to get the cameras until the next day, our VT was rushed, as we had to wait until the next day to start filming, due to this we didnt have time to add a voiceover to our Vt.

However,  I was very happy with how my groups VT turned out, as we had researched and found an album dedicated to balck history month, and used one of the tracks as background music to keep a good pace. I was also pleased with how nicely our sequences flowed 

Black History Month: The union of multicultures

Black history month is the celebration of black icons, such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and Rosa Parks, who had spent their lives striving for equality and freedom for their community. 

Students at LSBU pin their country of origin

People choose to celebrate in various ways, which brings us to the events taking place around LSBU. 

LSBU has chosen to celebrate diversity around the world, by offering events which focuses on different cultures.  

We spoke to SU President Sodiq Akinbade, who organised the events and explained to us how black history month is important at LSBU; “It shows our diversity as an institution, as we have got a lot of ethnics around here and I think it’s important to promote it”.

Students Union President Sodiq Akinbade

“Black history month for me is more of celebrating our diversity; our culture, also educating people about what’s been going on within the black communities over the past years. It’s not just to showcase what we do, but to educate, which I think is the important part of black history month to me” 

We also spoke to Vice President of Education, Patricia Godwin on her participation at the events; “I’m here today to take pictures of students and staff to give Southbanker’s motivation, so that when they will look at the pictures of the staff in various fields, they will be inspired to believe in themselves”

Vice President of Education Patricia Godwin

We also caught up with a student at LSBU and asked her views on Black history month; “It’s a time to educate people about the history of black people all over the world” 

LSBU has chosen to concentrate on the beauty of different cultures around the university; hence why instead of focusing on just the history of black people, their also holding events like exploring Chinese culture; which you can learn through calligraphy and dance. 

By Moona Popal