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Christmas market at Southbank review

November 20, 2017 by popal

The Southbank centre has officially transformed into a Christmas wonderland; featuring stalls of food, clothes and activities to do with your loved ones, besides offering a cheerful Christmas ambience. This is the perfect place to take your other half, and enjoy a little stroll with artisan gift stalls on the way, or even enjoy a sip of wine in a cosy bar.
The  market which opened on 10th of November, will be running until 4th of January next to the Southbank centre. The market is just based alongside the Thames, making it more beautiful.
Our VT was created to show the markets success which allows it to run every year. We were able to speak to visitors as well as workers to see what they thought of the market, and if it puts them in a Christmas spirit.
During the visit we were able to capture beautiful shots of the market, where family’s were passing by and couples were enjoying the live music coming from the pub built within the market.
However, some visitors did question the choice of music, as it was not matching up to the ambience of the market, and would’ve preferred if it was more Christmassy to which I completely agree.
Overall, the market was a success in my eyes, as it seemed like as the day got darker, the Christmas lights were shining brighter and pulling more visitors towards it, eventually creating a crowd.  I believe our VT was able to showcase this throughout.

By Moona Popal


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