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Thousands of homes left without water in parts of the UK

March 5, 2018 by popal

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On Saturday morning, nearly 20,000 homes were affected with water shortage in just London.

 People were left outraged after waking up on Saturday morning to find no water in their homes.

Emergency bottled water locations were set up around London. Some took to twitter express their dismay for Thames water’s quick solution to the water shortage problem, “There’s no water in north London and Thames water is handing out bottles like it’s a 3rd world country”

Another twitter user says, “48 hours without a proper wash now and no clean shirts for work tomorrow! Worst customer services I have experienced in a long time! When do you expect IG7 to have water fully restored!”

21-year-old Oliver Boyle from South London, said “because of the water shortage, I was not only late to work, but I had to go to my gym just so I am able to brush my teeth. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

“We are putting as much extra water as we can into our local networks and fixing leaks and bursts as quickly as possible,” Thames Water said in a statement.

“Please do not use water for anything that isn’t essential. This will make a real difference.”

Water suppliers are blaming the shortage on the weather conditions, as parts of the UK are still recovering from the effects of Storm Emma, which left more than 100 schools in Wales shut due to icy conditions.

Jerry White, business manager at Thames Water, said engineers were “working extra hard” over the weekend.

He said there had been a “20% jump in the demand for water in the last five days”.

Scottish Water said: “Weather and road conditions have presented challenges in maintaining our usual response services and we apologise if you’ve experienced a delay in us getting to you.”

Despite the attempts to solve the water shortage problem, in London, customers said they were not able to register as the helpline is unavailable, while shops reportedly ran out of bottled water in some areas.

By Moona Popal


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