Filter Bubbles – A barrier to the real world?

With the introduction of filter bubbles, it is a much more convenient way to have access to the information that would interest you. But, it also means that there is an invisible barrier of some sorts that stops you from seeing information that your social medias believe wouldn’t interest you. There are a few problems with this, firstly, the fact that it is harder to see information that would not interest you may be a catalyst for bias information, not introducing both sides of a topic.

For example, if you are a member of a particular political party, and only follow their certain social medias, you only get the perspective of that political party…their views, their opinions and it makes it more difficult for you to form your own opinion without having influence from content that you have been exposed to. this then creates a bubble that you create for yourself, although this is in some ways a convenience for fast and relevant information, it also closes you perspective on all other forms of content that you may not have originally been interested in. If you look at your social medias, the filter bubbles will become apparent and also unavoidable.