Speed vs Quality vs publish-ready: What matters in the digital world?

The demand for fast content has been both a saviour and a burden to people and journalists alike since the progression and development of social media. The competition has become so fierce for journalists to be the first to supply the demand for information before everyone other journalists that it has accidentally created ‘churnalism‘. The speed of the news has taken priority over the quality and accuracy of the information and therefore it becomes a dangerous game to try to compete with the influx of not only news outposts but also with the progression of how news is spread, such a live streaming or live tweeting about a thing minutes after it has happened.

An on going battle that journalists are having with themselves is whether to sacrifice speed in order to make the content that they release the best quality or whether to sacrifice the quality of the information and the accuracy of the information, but also ensure that the information is of a quality in which it is publishable. ‘Churnalism’ is something that cannot be avoided in news, especially news that relies on social media as a way to present their content.