How Tech is Changing Journalism?

Different Social Media Platforms displayed on a mobile phone

In his article ‘Seven ways Tech is Changing Journalism and News Consumption’, Damian Radcliffe talks about his experience at GEN Summit 2016 and how the ‘theme of digital disruption was firmly front and centre’.

Social Media is at the forefront of the change in digital journalism, it’s used across many different platforms, by millions of people to get their share of the news. Reuters Institute researched and found social media is also being used by ‘news consumers to find, discuss and share’ the news. Also, globally 12% have found social media as their main news source.

Adding to the above, the way in which people read the news daily especially in the morning has, also changed drastically. There used to be a time were all newspaper stands would be empty and you would be hoping they would re-fill before the end of the day to get your daily news or hope someone would leave behind a paper on the tube. However, now the vast majority walk past those stands, are fully engrossed on their phones and are most likely reading their daily news on there. This is proven through research done by the Reuters Institute, who found 8% use a news paper in the UK and 6% in the US. 

All in all, we can see the great impact the digital world is shaping journalism and the way we are fed the news. Each year the percentages for social media is increasing and the percentages for paper are decreasing.