‘Portraits of Reconciliation’: A Picture That Tells a Story

Viviane Nyiramana, is a survivor of the Rwanda Genocide after a group of men including Jean Pierre Karenzi killed her father and three brothers. She forgave him because he unlike the others in the group came to her ‘alone’ to ask for forgiveness.

The way in which they are standing side by side first gives the impression that they are related like brother and sister, which came as a shock when I discovered that they were survivor and perpetrator.  It seems that way as, she is holding his shoulder and suggests that they are now good friends.

Although, in this portrait you can see the pain in both their eyes. Nyiramana sports this saddened expression, her eyes are red and it seems like she has been crying. It just shows that even though she may have forgiven Karenzi she is still reliving those moments each day and still is mourning the loss or her father and three brothers. When you look at Karenzi, you can see the guilt, he can’t bear to look up as he knows what he did was wrong and he to he reliving those moments each day wishing he never caused such pain.

Full Article and Portraits: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/06/magazine/06-pieter-hugo-rwanda-portraits.html