Stories that can be produced using Graphs

The graph seen in the example is a representation of the crime reports of the amount of suicides committed between the years: 1965-2017. Using this information you can use it to explain recent frequent homicides, compare it to the years shown in the graph. Also help to create a report of this and show the correlation between the years 2008-2018. An example of something you could also do is: 

Homicide Report between 1975-2017 and the decline in rates after 1996

The graph shown in the example above is showing the homicide rates in the years 1965-2017. In this reporter I will be picking out the key information to show what has varied through the years. Also explaining the dip in rates after 1965. 

First of all, from looking at the graph it is clearly evident that after the year 1965 there was a huge decline in homicides. It is quite interesting as there were mass numbers and and what is more interesting is that the most from around that time still remain unsolved. This graph is also solely based in America. 

What fascinates me is that why in those years did the rates go up, why are there many not solved?, what went on in that year to cause this? Or was it nothing in particular just a famous year to be killed. With extensive research this is another lead you can take to find out more information. 

Using all this information you can really conjure up a juicy story that will entice many. You could do this by gathering the recent homicide rates for the past year, compare it the ones shown in the graph or compare the two years that have the highest rates and pick out the differences. You could also use a lead from recent homicides to compare from the year 1990 and compare what has happened between the years. h