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BYO (Bring Your Own) shop to save plastic pollution?

An interview with Laura Hipkiss BYO (Bring Your Own) shop owner and what inspired her to open up a shop like this. I also talk to Mary Jane environmentalist specialist who gives her opinion on whether or not Laura’s idea is good and if it will work in the long run.

Lead In:

“Plastic pollution has become am extreme issue in the environment we currently live in, an article written by: ‘Cristine Felt’, for ‘Thrive Global’ explains the wastage seen over the years and the effects it has on our environment. She explains that in 2015 6.3bn tonnes of plastic refuse was generated. Which she says equates to: 9% of plastic was recycled, 12% was incinerated and that leaves 79% of waste to damage our environment. We now talk to Laura Hipkiss who has opened a Bring Your Own Shop, where you bring your own containers and to fill up with fry goods, oils, wines and nut butters. She talks what inspired to do this and what she hopes to achieve.

Pot Cut 1: 1:52

Laura Hipkiss

Out Words: Supermarkets are going to take ages to try and catch up with this kind of concept.

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Mary Jane

Out Words: however smaller shops like Laura’s will suffer.

Back Announcement: This is Ameera Raidhan reporting from London South Bank University for JLDN News.