Volunteers help raise money for prostate cancer

Volunteers are successfully raising money for Prostate Cancer Research at London Bridge station.

We spoke with volunteer Andy Potter where he was able to give us an insight to why he volunteers himself to raise money for this brilliant charity.

Andy’s father passed away from Prostate Cancer which is his main reason for helping out as it motivates him to collect as much money as possible. At the moment they are located at London Bridge Station as they find that it’s one of the busiest stations in London and there are always commuters going past throughout the day.

When Andy collects money he regularly hears emotional stories which opens his eyes as he realises how Prostate Cancer affects so many families on a daily basis. When listening to these stories he is able to connect with many people as he has experienced losing a loved one himself.  

Even though the volunteers that help out have full time jobs they are all able to find spare time to help raise as much money as possible. When speaking to Andy he said “we have reached over £47,000 over four years and we’re aiming to get £100,000”

If you want to help Andy reach his goal for Prostate Cancer research make sure you head down to London Bridge station. Every penny counts.