Review of Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibit

Fans and museum goers have a chance to experience Pink Floyd through the last fifty years. In a unique audio-visual exhibit, guests can interact and learn about the band’s impact on rock history. 

Even if you are not an avid listener or fan, chances are you have heard or heard of Pink Floyd. The cutting edge rock band that first made their debut in the 1960’s is once again astounding audiences by having the first international retrospective exhibit in their honor. Courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, fans from around the world can interact in an audio-visual journey of Pink Floyd through the ages. 

This exhibit takes viewers on a 50 year journey through the band’s legacy. It explores the foundation for the music, includes unique artifacts and memorabilia of the band. Visual art, design and technology are incorporated with the band’s music to give a truly unforgettable experience. 

In-depth interviews with band members and their close friends give fans a unique and never before seen experience. Fans better  hurry to see this exhibit before it leaves the V and A on October 15. “This is one of our most popular limited exhibitions,” one of the V and A staff members at the ticket desk mentioned, “We typically sell out of tickets for the entire day by mid afternoon, if we don’t we come very close to a sell out”.

So come see a truly revolutionary exhibit about one of the most famous rock groups of all time. Experience the immortality of Pink Floyd at the V and A’s Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibit. 

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Runs until Sunday, October 15, 207

Tour times vary

Tickets are £25 and free for members