Graffiti on Mehdi mural in East Dulwitch

The Mehdi Ghadyanloo mural on Kinsale Road, influenced by symbolism and surrealism has been vandalized with bright pink markings. According to the local police of East Dulwitch, the vandals were seen in broad daylight on October 5 at around lunchtime. 

Being a highly valued piece of artwork, connected to the East Dulwitch picture gallery local residents are displeased at youths for ruining an amazing piece of work, surrounding galleries and the council have been contacted about the situation and are prepared to rid of the graffiti. 
Although it could be argued that Mehdi’s work is disrespected, the younger generation has been complaining in the surrounding areas that there isn’t enough designated space for them to express their artwork. When speaking Daniel, a student from Imperial College London he noted that ‘graffiti is viewed so negatively in society, especially with older people. We just wanna be creative’. 
The council of East Dulwitch should attempt to restore the mural, maintaining the meaning behind Mehdi’s work but should they also be addressing the problems within the younger generation to refrain this from happening again?